Monday, July 28, 2008

Close friends and family will tell you there are not many candy bars I don't like. When D and I were playing our version of the newlywed game with the class of nearly newlyweds we were teaching at church, D was asked what kind of candy I like. He, of course, said any candy and got it right.

The exceptions are Three Musketeers, Mars Bar and Milky Way. I've got to have some crunch in my candy bar -- nuts, cookie center, wafer, butterfinger, etc. Today I have found a new fave. PayDay is a good go-to bar when you want something sweet but without chocolate (which is very rare in my life). However, there is the new and improved PayDay Chocolatey Avalanche -- chocolatey covered peanut caramel bar. I haven't eaten the entire bar yet, but I can already tell I will be disappointed if the makers of PayDay take it off the market after a while.

It obviously has all the necessary ingredients for a great candy bar -- nuts, caramel and chocolate. I'm not ready to replace Kit Kat, Snickers or Twix, but I'm more than happy to add PayDay Avalanche to the rotation.

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