Thursday, June 19, 2008

What a week! We started off Saturday with a 3 v. 3 soccer tournament. Yes, I have officially become a soccer mom. I've got the minivan and a decal on the back window proclaiming proudly that my daughter plays soccer. The day started at 8 a.m., and we finished at 6 a.m. in sixth place. Pretty good for their first time playing that style of soccer. I'm just glad we (parents) were not as obnoxious as the parents of the last team we played. They were very rude. It was kind of ridiculous since they were playing for fifth place -- not one of the top spots.

Then on Sunday, Father's Day, we bid Anna farewell as she left for church camp. Even though I've known for months she would be going for five days, I never really thought about the actual location of the camp. Last week I finally took time to find the town on the map -- it was 3 1/2 hours away! My baby, my first born, my growing-up-too-fast nine-year-old daughter was going away to a camp that was nearly in the next state. However, she returned today safe and sound. She told me this evening that she wouldn't mind still being at camp. Glad she missed us...

I was concerned about how she would socialize with the other kids since she doesn't usually talk about too many friends at church. But the lack of good friends in any group, fortunately doesn't deter Anna from participating in an activity, which is very strange considering she is usually a very quiet girl. Actually, the children's minister said Anna was the most self-sufficient third grader she had ever met. I hope she maintains many of these qualities as she grows older.

Another *highlight* of the week was Boy Scout camp. Yippee! I had the fortune of spending a WHOLE day with six seven-year-old boys, trailing them from archery to nature to lunch to crafts to rock climbing to music. It was an interesting experience. There are some very different personalities in the troop. Jeremy seemed to be very glad I was along, so I guess I should enjoy that while it lasts. I'm just glad I was only there for one day and that the weather was actually somewhat comfortable despite a light shower earlier that morning.
I haven't had any migraines for the past few weeks, but the excitement (sarcasm) of this week brought on two headaches. I don't really belong in the great outdoors, so that probably triggered one of them. And the other one developed after I spent an evening cleaning out Anna's closet. Thank goodness the weekend is almost here because I need some rest.

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