Sunday, June 1, 2008

I've been on vacation for the last week -- not that it was really much of a vacation. I didn't leave town, D was still working, and I spent a couple of the days at medical and eye appointments. The medical appointment knocked me out, and the reason for the medical appointment has had me exhausted for the last few weeks and has caused migraines. So I spent every afternoon resting -- which isn't easy with four kids. And I got very little done around the house.

However, I ended the week on a high note. I took Jeremy to see the Indiana Jones movie. I did see it on opening day with D, but I had a major migraine and was not able to enjoy it. The music did filter through my pain-filled head, and I couldn't help but smile. It is probably my favorite theme music of all time. Anyway, Jeremy and I both had a great time. I was able to actually follow more of the story and watch all of the chase scenes without feeling sick.

While it's hard watching my kids grow up so fast, I do enjoy it when they are of an age where we can experience certain activities together. And sharing my love of Indiana Jones' adventures with my oldest son is a great feeling. However, we do differ on our favorite Indy movie. Mine would be the Last Crusade, while he liked the Crystal Skull. He hasn't watched the Temple of Doom, but I think he may need to wait awhile to see that one. I don't think he's ready to see someone's heart ripped out yet.

The Crystal Skull fits into the Jones family of films, and if you grew up with Indiana, I see no reason why you wouldn't enjoy this one as well. It's not like any of the previous movies were plausible, so why should we expect this one to be? It has Harrison Ford, the hat, the whip and the theme music. What more do you need?

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