Tuesday, June 10, 2008

It's a little hard to slow down and rest when you have four kids. Fortunately, I'm putting those kids to work this summer since they are of an age where they can handle some bigger chores. Since we had VBS last week, yesterday was the first day of the chore chart and it went pretty well. Jeremy did an excellent job with the bathroom. Jack cleaned the dining room table. And Anna said she picked up the living room -- must've been before I got up because it didn't look like it had been cleaned. However, she did volunteer to organize the pantry, and it looks very nice. All three of the kids also straightened the garage.

Hopefully, this will make it easier for me to keep up with housecleaning and encourage them to be more aware of the things they leave around the house. They aren't getting paid extra for it, but I might give them bonuses now and then based on their attitudes and extent of cleaning. Anna asked if they would be getting paid, but I explained that they are part of the family so they are also responsible for the house. To make it even clearer, I told them that no one paid me extra to pick up after them. They were OK with no extra money.

In other news, D and I went to dinner and then to see Spamalot Saturday evening with a former co-worker and her husband. Loved the show! D's co-worker and college-age daughter met us there. I'm not sure the daughter enjoyed it -- mainly because she probably doesn't get Monty Python.

We also had a great time at dinner. It's always fun and helpful when your husbands get along. The two guys carried on their own conversation while my friend and I had a chance to catch up. We're going to try it again later this summer when Seven Brides for Seven Brothers comes to town.

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