Monday, February 23, 2009

I've never done the math (I leave that kind of thing to D), but I would assume that making homemade pizza would be cheaper than ordering it. However, if I only eat a couple of slices of a chain's pizza but I eat 8-9 slices of my own, would it be better to spend more money so I eat less? If I didn't like my own pizza so much, I'd probably go the easy route and order it. Then again, to have pizza delivered, I would easily spend $30+.

As usual, I started out quite well with planning each week's menu. But, as I knew would happen, any menu item got thrown out once I hit my second busy week of the season. Also, when I'm not home, I don't bother to come up with something. I was gone a couple of nights last week, and I'll be gone a couple of nights soon. At least we haven't been dining out as much...

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