Monday, February 9, 2009

I had a very confusing experience this evening while treating my kids to dinner and ice cream at Braum's. While D was teaching class, I decided to take the kids to dinner. And since they behaved relatively well, I told them I would also get them junior ice cream cones. Here's where it got tricky.

My order was fairly simple, but I was having trouble communicating...mainly because Jeremy wanted a waffle cone. That detail threw me off and was actually the cause of the confusion. Before ordering, I asked if junior cones could be served in waffle cones. The young man said yes. OK then give me one chocolate junior cone in a waffle cone and one in a sugar cone.

He hands me the *waffle cone* which looked mysteriously like a sugar cone to me. When I clarified the type of cone, this employee tried to tell me that it was a waffle cone. When I said it sure looked like a sugar cone, he pointed to the cake cones and described them as sugar cones. Obviously, his employee training was sorely lacking. While I finished ordering without actually calling the cones by the incorrect names -- I just pointed. I couldn't encourage his ignorance -- I discreetly looked over the wall behind me so I could see the boxes of cones that are sold in the grocery section.

Sure enough the smaller pointed cones were labeled Sugar Cones while the larger pointed cones were called Waffle Cones. Hopefully, someone will set this poor boy straight at some point because he made ordering ice cream cones WAY too difficult.

And now I have a headache.

P.S. Spencer has recovered very nicely from his ordeal. By that evening, just as the doctor suspected, that little boy was climbing on everything, including the kitchen counters.

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grab_a_spoon said...

Laughing. This reminds me of your Sonic wrong order/forgotten order incident from long ago. Who knew an hour refuge from work, or a treat for the kids, could turn into a nightmare?