Thursday, December 18, 2008

There are moments when I'm not sure if I will survive Anna's melodramatics for the next several years. But then she does something very wise and mature, and I'm hopeful that I haven't totally messed her up.

The details of this event are sketchy because she's never been great about providing me with a lot of information about what takes place at school. When she was in pre-k and kindergarten, I would ask her about school and she would tell me not to ask her any questions. (At least my boys are a little more forthcoming with educational information.)

This week the students in her language class were asked to choose a Christmas tradition, study it and share the information with the class. While many of her classmates chose to report about lights, stockings and trees, Anna took her Bible to school and read from the book of Luke about Jesus' birth. Not only am I proud that she is able to get past all the commercialism of the holiday, but I am thrilled that she attends a school where the teacher is able to let her share the most important fact about Christmas.

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