Thursday, December 11, 2008

Evidently, my youngest is some sort of bully. His mother's day out teachers wrote a little note on his sheet earlier this week -- He's still biting what should we do about this! The writer in me, of course, what's to edit the sentence, but I'll resist for now.

First, he used to have a biting problem, but after many timeouts at home, he hasn't been using this as a main course of action when he feels angry/happy/frustrated. The teachers told me several weeks ago that there were a couple of kids in the class who were biting. I'm just guessing, but I think he's probably doing it again because he sees others doing it.

Second, what does the "we" mean? Are they being passive aggressive and really what to know what I'M going to do about it? If they really want to know what I think they should do, they should put him in timeout or whatever disciplinary action they use. As for what I'm going to do, I'll continue to tell him no and use timeouts whenever he bites at home, but I don't see how I can really effectively discipline him if he's not biting at home. Sure, I can tell him no biting, but he's young enough that he probably doesn't associate my words with the action unless he has just committed the act.

But he is one smart little snot. Yesterday I was sitting in the living room and I noticed he had taken a box into the kitchen. A few minutes later he came into the living room, picked up a small plush Thomas the Tank Engine chair and carried it into the kitchen. Soon after he walked through the living room and headed down the hall. He returned carrying over his head a small step stool from the bathroom. At this point, I decided it was time to investigate. It wasn't too hard to figure out what he was determined to reach -- a bag of suckers.

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