Monday, September 1, 2008

We enjoyed another great Labor Day weekend with my college roommate, her husband and son. There was a lot of laughing, eating, shopping and spades playing.

I was very fortunate that my husband and her husband get along wonderfully. An outsider probably couldn't even determine who the friendship originated with -- the girls or the guys. I have been friends with R since fifth grade, and we roomed together for the two and a half years of college. She is the only person from my childhood I keep in contact with on a regular basis and actually arrange to spend time together. There are other childhood friends that I love visiting with when I run into them, but we never actually call, email or meet up when they come to town.

One strange aspect of the weekend was the absence of Anna. She had required musical rehersal, so she stayed with Aunt K. While I think she did miss us a little, I know she had a wonderful time. It was very strange though being the only female in the van. However, in about nine years, it will be a common occurrence.

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