Thursday, September 18, 2008

T-ball, soccer and boy scouts, oh my! And the merry-go-round that is my life begins. This weekend D and Jeremy leave for a camping trip, Jack has a t-ball game (indoor - the greatest idea ever!) and Anna has a soccer game. We have an activity almost every night of the week every week, and Anna hasn't even started Girl Scouts yet. The only bright side is that on Wednesday night while the kids are in their classes at church, D and I find a comfortable spot and hang out for about an hour and a half. We actually get to talk to each other!

Posting has been light lately not only because of the schedule described above, but I've also started rereading some cheesey romance novels written by a specific author. Her characters are always the same -- very young, sensitive virgin who is continually insulted by an older, experienced cowboy/military guy/business man -- but for some reason, I like reading them. Anyway, she's been writing for over 20 years and has a certain line of stories -- Long, Tall Texans. Now that I have several of those books in that series, I started reading one after another. It's been fun and gives me a nice mental break from everything else. What can I say? I'm not the type of person who loves to read deep, intellectual tomes.

I'm going to have to sign off now because I have an almost-two year old who is determined to see midnight.

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