Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Oh, the madness. And I'm not even talking about basketball. I haven't even had the time or energy to fill out my bracket, so I'm going to quickly write down the teams before I go to sleep tonight. Hopefully, that method will work out better for me this year than it did last year.

Anyway, I have so many projects going on write now that I felt like I could've had a panic attack during a staff meeting today. I've never had a panic attack, so I'm not sure what it feels like. But if it's anything like a concrete block sitting on your chest and an overwhelming desire for an alcoholic beverage whether you like one or not, then that's what I was having. As a result, I gave myself the night off. I sent the older three kids to my parents for the night, so my MIL wouldn't need to watch them tomorrow. And D and I went to dinner at a nice restaurant. It could've been nicer if we had a babysitter for Spencer, but dinner with only one child is still a treat.

I may forget to blog over the next couple of weeks because some of my projects already require a significant amount of writing. On the other hand, I may remember to blog just to give me a break from the other stuff I will be writing about. We'll see how it goes.

Now I'm off to complete my Wii workout for the day. It's the most consistent exercise I've gotten in a very long time.

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