Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Gotta love those cookies

We are almost finished selling girl scout cookies, and I'm so ready. Violet is in her second year as a Brownie, and she loves it. I love that she wants to be in the group whether or not her friends are in the troop. Hopefully, she will continue to have something of an independent streak -- but then again, there are times when she wants to dress "cool" like her friends or gets upset because she's not on the same team as a friend. She is quite the drama queen, so I have a hard time being sympathetic because I am not like that and never have been (according to my mother).

Dash can't wait to join the boy scouts next year, so then we'll be selling popcorn in the fall and cookies in the winter. I'm sure my pantry will be well stocked with snacks and treats. I hope he enjoys boy scouts since he doesn't seem to have an interest in playing any organized sport right now. He plays a sport for one season, gets a trophy and he's ready to move on. I'm not too worried. There will be plenty of time for sports later. Violet's soccer team, which finished 2nd this fall, keeps us busy enough.

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