Monday, October 27, 2008

Spencer is such a mama's boy that it just about wears me out sometimes, but tonight I had to just laugh and give him a big hug. He is definitely the sneaky baby of the family. While all the kids were supposed to be getting in bed, I found Spencer in the bathroom sampling whatever toothpaste he could get his hands on. He even took a tube to bed with him. This happened several times. However, while I was returning toothpaste to the bathroom or cleaning up a toothpaste-related mess, he would sneak into the living room and help himself to my can of Coke. He had the whole act down -- distract mom with toothpaste and make a move for the Coke. We went back and forth a few times before I finally just downed the rest of the Coke, held him on my lap for a few minutes and put him back to bed.

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