Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Still no pictures of the first birthday. I've been busy preparing for the next birthday -- Jeremy's. I guess my life has been too easy because I agreed to let him have a sleepover. This will be a new experience. A girls' slumber party I know what to do -- crafts and music. Boys? I'm thinking pizza, movie and a wild experiment...maybe diet coke and mentos.

I can at least share some of the cute (at least to me) things Spencer is doing. When he's eating and you ask him if he's done, he immediately raises his hands over his head using the touchdown signal. He loves pizza, goldfish crackers and marshmallows. He's the only child we've had who screams when he wants something - NOW.

He's walking more on his own but there's nothing particularly unique about his walk. When Jack started walking, he looked like a monkey, holding his arms above his head as he made his way across the room. When Anna started walking, she took off after my cat, walking like she'd been doing it for months. Unfortunately, I can't recall any specifics about Jeremy's first steps other than he was 13 months old when he started walking.

So those milestones are passing quickly: he's walking, drinking whole milk, and sleeping through the night (FINALLY). I'll miss the baby he is, but I'm looking forward to the people all of my children are becoming.

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